Tuesday, November 23, 2010

OMG Watching this video of summertime by cody simpson makes me miss Perth more and more :'(
This video reminds me all about Australia. Oh gosh, how i miss living there. I really loathe living here now. I wanna go back to Perth. I'll try my best to study as hard as I can and live abroad. I really don't want to live in Malaysia. Call me anything, call me a spoiled brat, anything. I don't really care. I admit it, I hate living here. I love living in Perth. Everything was perfect. School was not such a bore, unlike Malaysia. I'm sorry Malaysia, but I really don't like you.
Everything about Perth was awesome, the school, friends and places. Summertime was awesome, sooo awesome. Winter was like so cool. Why don't we have it here? Gosh you can't really go to a decent place here in Johor. Perth is so much better, I really miss my home at Jugan Street. I miss going home with Patricia and her brother. I miss Lake Monger Primary School. I miss all of my friends. I miss everything. If i had a chance, I would've stayed there, I wouldn't have moved back here. You can call me anything, everybody says I've forgotten my roots. But sincerely, I don't really care. It sucks here. I miss Australiaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Thumbs up to Cody Simpson :)
Go Aussies to leash out a new teenage singer :D

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