Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tron : Legacy
Omg how amazing is this movie?
It literally blew my mind! I was in awe the whole time i was watching this.
I watched this movie with my cousins at City Square last night and it ended at midnight.
Eventhough we were exhausted from Abang Wan's wedding that took place that morning, this movie was worth our energy.
The whole movie was awesome from start to finish!
I'm speechless about this movie. The graphics, cast, storyline and well, the whole movie was far beyond my expectations. I was exasperated when I saw Daft Punk in the movie :O
It was a lot of fun watching this movie, the best Disney movie I've ever watched.
I'd totally rate this movie with five stars, but frankly, the movie critics gave this movie a rating of 1 star. I think the movie critics don't really get the movie, because maybe they don't understand english or something? Or they don't have their inner child in them? I don't know :|
But I was definitely like a 5 year-old kid watching this. It blew my mind away. The music throughout the movie was excellent, truly great. I would really want to buy the blue-ray disc and watch it again and again at home.
Tron : Legacy is AMAZING!

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