Friday, January 14, 2011

Hiii :D So today I'm going to blog about last year and the past :') Just the feeling of nostalgia is overwhelming me tonight.

What's the date today? Oh yeah, it's the 14th of January. Guess what happens in two days? C'mon, guess. Now. Like guess now. Yeaaaaaah, in two days, it'll be the 1 year anniversary of me and Hafiz's break up :) haha I know -.- I'm surprised that i'm not that sad this year. I don't know why but I certainly am sad about what happened at this month last year. Yeah yeah, I am still sad about it, but I'll be strong :') I admit that I am sad about it, eventhough it happened a year ago, i am still :') But I am thankful to my friends for encouraging me to be stronger and tougher. Thanks guys, ly :)

And another topic for today, is the big day that happened on the 31st of jan last year. Gosh, i miss this. YEAH PEOPLE I DO MISS IT! Gosh, apa salahnya? -____-
It's not like I disturb him EVERYDAY. GET USED TO IT PEOPLE! I do miss him. But I am strong enough to not be that gooey gooey kid last year that always had to cry when something bad happened. So my other new year's resolution for this year is to not be a sappy teen that cries a lot. I'll be tough enough kay? :')

Tomorrow's co-curriculum -___- Gosh, I am soo lazy to go. But for my friend's sake, I'll go :)
I seriously want to meet you tomorrow *_* Haha

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