Saturday, January 29, 2011

What happened to the old you? The boy that i got to new closer last year?
I miss our late night texts, our simple chats, our little quarrels. I miss pinching your cheek. I miss your daily 'woi' when you see me on the bus. I miss the smirky smile you give me when you look at me. I miss having to say 'ly' before i go to bed. I miss the caring and sweet you, that got lost in the new year. What happened to the 2010 self of you? I miss it. I miss the sincerity in your eyes when you look at me. I miss you even though I see you everyday. I miss our moments we got last year.
What happened?
You rarely text me, and now i'm afraid to text you because i'm afraid that i'll be some stranger who randomly texts you out of nowhere. You never really talk to me now, never the less look at me. I miss everything about you, and i can't bring myself to say it in front of you :'(
Even though you're not even mine.

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